Strategic Planning: Expanding on the Mini Q&A Video Series

Primary Message:  Clearly lead potential customers to their perfect Saatva Mattress.

While the video above is only 45 seconds long, it strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and education. Its a great video— and since most of the Mini Q&A videos are just as brilliant, I'd like to extend the following objectives to any video from the mini Q&A hotel series.

It almost goes without saying that every idea presented on this page should be used as a measurable, multi-channel campaign. But some messages are best suited for particular situations...

Pinterest: Keep the same balance of value-propositions and humor from the video into an infographic. (I am happy to make this graphic if you'd like a visual reference.)

Instagram: Chopping up the 45 second video into 3 main segments would make for an entertaining story: 
Clip 1) Back Sleepers need a medium to firm mattress. Clip 2) Side Sleepers need a softer mattress so your body can sink into alignment. Clip 3) Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress for spine and lumbar support.

Banner Ads and email campaigns:  Featuring the Character from the Hotel is sure to draw attention and keep the branding cohesive, or omni-channel. 

Direct Mail: If the digital campaign goes well, I'd suggest investing in a targeted direct mailer. It should include a clear call-to-action and a unique QR code to measure the reach of the paper medium. While I'm sure The Grand Budapest Hotel vibe will stand out in a pile of mail, I'd hesitate to spend the budget on direct mail without first seeing the positive metrics from our digital channels. 

#SLEEPNAKED - An Interactive Campaign

Primary Message:  Promote the 7 healthy reasons why you should sleep naked
Objective: Find an interactive way to engage millennial audience to interact with @Saatva by Sleeping naked. Increase brand awareness while driving unique web traffic to Saatva.

(This is in reference to Sleep-Focused Question 5, Is sleeping naked healthy?) My strategy to push the Sleep Naked campaign revolves around the hashtag #SleepNaked. I propose distributing simple QR code tattoos by Inkbox that say #SleepNaked. My goal is to entice customers to try the tattoos and post on social. Since these tattoos last 1-2 weeks, they should have plenty of time to share the risqué message to their followers. The QR code on the comp drives to Saatva, so feel free to test it out with your phone... 


Video Direction: Concept for Commercial

Primary Message:  You don't need deep pockets to get the greatest quality, all natural, premium set of bed sheets.
Objective: Leverage the quality and Value of Saatva's Sheets.

Background Info: I want to showcase the quality of your bed sheets. I personally don’t purchase sheets lower than 600 thread count, so I learned quite a bit from your blog article on the topic. (This is in reference to Bedding Question 2 - What is thread count?)

The Narrative: The Devil Sleeps in Saatva Sheets

Setting: Opulent woman on beach is speaking down to her assistant on the phone: "I'm in the Maldives til Wednesday. I left $1,000 in the foyer. Get me those sheets at you know, that place off Rodeo... Oh and make sure the thread count is in the thousands or don't even bother.
Assistant immediately logs on to and buys their luxury 300 count sheets at a much lower price.

Saatva Box arrives, and Assistant makes the bed in fast motion while wearing black skirt and heels.

Fades to future when the boss is in bed  jet lagged and botoxed. She calls the assistant saying "Sorry I was so bitchy, these are the best sheets I've ever had."

Assistant replies "Oh, it was no trouble at all."

Camera zooms out of assistants face holding phone to show her on Rodeo Blvd, clearly spending the remaining sheet money on herself and winks at the camera. </SCENE>

<Saatva Logo appears>
Bedding approved by the devil herself.

Get yours at 

Bonus: Product Design 


Background Info: I was inspired by the blog titled: 4 Ways Lavender Helps You Sleep. In order to expand Saatva's breadth of product, I figured why not monetize on another lifestyle product to help your customers relax and sleep better.

The launch would bring brand awareness to those outside the realm of bedding. This would not only reinforce the Sleep Enlightened message, but gain new brand impressions and followers. I feel this Product Development campaign would begin to solidify Saatva as a luxe consumer shopping destination for improved sleep.

Copy Direction:  Introducing The Lavender Candle by Saatva. Get yours at 

You currently have 26 blog articles mentioning the keyword "Lavender." If you were to move forward with the idea, I would place a graphic header to promote the new product on each of those posts.I'd also want to have at least 3 scent collections in addition to lavender; Luxury scents like Oud and My personal favourite Vetiver. And Finally, the quality should be similar to NEST and Diptyque - but at that competitive Saatva price point.