Let’s jump right in! What's the theme of this collection?

The theme this season, and always will be Future Heirlooms. Every single piece of fine jewelry is made to enjoy for generations. Since this is the debut, I often asked myself "Can anyone HATE this?" and I feel confident that I delivered a collection that's ready to be adored for life. This was an important approach because I wanted to deliver a collection that's highly giftable. 


Can you tell us about your journey in advertising and how you ventured into the world of fine jewelry?

I actually started in the world of Digital Advertising. My first “real job” out of college was Web Designer for Neiman Marcus in Dallas. I bit the forbidden luxury fruit and I was hooked. I went on to only work for companies and clients in the realm of fine lighting, interior design, fashion, fine jewelry, and real estate. 

Two years ago, we were all in a completely different place. Establishing the Gregoria Group was survival during the height of the pandemic. I love digital advertising…but I also have an affinity for jewelry design. I suppose I have always wanted to launch a jewelry collection! From a young age I would make a lot of my jewelry. (Its come quite a long way from beads and curating random objects on a leather cord in high school.)


What have you learned, and do you have any advice to share?

Launching a namesake collection takes courage and perseverance. When things go astray, I think of my favorite client, who also has an eponymous business  Fernando Rodriguez who told me "Change The Narrative" when you feel like you can't carry on. So, Happy New Year 2024 Everyone! I hope you enjoy my first collection.  


How do you incorporate your unique design aesthetic into both your jewelry creations and the digital ad campaigns you create for your clients? 

They are both very different. I am always drawing inspiration from Fashion, Interiors, and Art History. I found myself spending hours each evening looking at jewelry to relax... So this is me chasing my passion and sharing it with YOU.

What role does technology play in your creative process as a jewelry designer?

The most notable is of course CAD and 3D rendering. I sketch on paper or iPad and then the specifications and primitive sketches are professionally illustrated. This allows me to examine every single angle and detail before the actual physical product is produced. We live in amazing times, and it's only getting better.


Can you share any insights into the latest trends in the luxury jewelry market and how you incorporate them into your designs?

Right now everyone is looking for customization and personalization. Luxury is an experience. Should anyone be in the market, I am ready to design and source gems and diamonds. Just Contact Us or send an email to jake@jakecano.com  (Also, when you love what you do, and you aren't stifled by 'what's trending' and 'what's practical' you soar.)


How do you leverage social media and digital platforms to promote your own jewelry brand and engage with your audience?

I feel like there is no other way. Social media is a must; scratch that- Social media is TRUST. I primarily focus on instagram. I feel like my older family members and friends support me on Facebook, but the mass majority connect with me via Instagram.