The seating collection from Spring 2017 gave me the opportunity to understand the process of cultivating a new campaign while overcoming unforeseen obstacles. Tasked with launching 13 new frames in 2 fabrics each, meant a total of 26 new items. And, each frame came with a third muslin option so designers could #MakeItYours by getting it covered in their custom material with their trusted atelier. So… similar to my approach in design, I kept it simple:


Soon after hiring a new in-house photographer, Kristopher Ellis, the brand acquired a more authentic, lifestyle image. Before we began set design, he mentored me on the pre-planning needs a photographer requires from a creative– Essentially the the journey from sketch to shutter. Understaffed with just two of us on-set, we felt extra-obligated to arrive prepared for each session. This not only optimized our in-studio productivity, but allowed for a pleasant collaboration of creative dialogue.